A New Year message from our Chairman

The turn of the new year is traditionally a time for reviewing the old year and looking ahead to the new one.

Looking back on the last year we had a successful time:

  • Turning first to elections (which is why the association exists - that and spreading the Conservative message) last May we had a clean sweep in the Havant Borough elections and improved our majorities in every ward - and you can’t do better than that. 
  • The Conservative Policy Forum went from strength to strength, winning a national award and, more importantly, being thoroughly enjoyed by the members. The views expressed all go to the relevant minister for consideration so members have the satisfaction of knowing that three views at least receive an airing at the highest level - and some new policies can be traced back directly to the output of the Forum.
  • The Supper Club continued to be popular with its members and held several most enjoyable events with a variety of speakers
  • We held an extremely successful dinner and cabaret at the Langstone Hotel with over a hundred people, which raised some useful money for the Association
  • Dozens of new members joined over the year

In the coming year we have several exciting challenges:

  • Another round of Havant Borough elections in May. We are well prepared for these and have already selected a strong set of candidates to stand under the Conservative banner
  • The Conservative Policy Forum has a expanded and has a full set of discussions planned - these are open to non-members as well as members and it would be good to new people joining in these discussions of topical political subjects.
  • There will be a major fundraising dinner with cabaret on Saturday 2 March and tickets are available now 
  • Who knows what kind of Brexit will happen in March, but we will do our bit locally to press for a good result - but do so without rancour. The Conservative party, like the Church of England, is a broad church and should allow for different opinions on issues, it would be a boring world if we all agreed on everything. Mind you a bit of political boredom might not be a bad wish for 2019.....

If you would like to get involved in any of the activities mentioned above, please contact Jo in the office.