Havant MP Alan Mak is backing Lance Quantrill in Bonfields By-election

Lance Quantrill is standing for election, after former Bondfields councillor Frida Edwards sadly passed away recently. Lance hopes to continue Frida's excellent work across West Leigh.

Lance Quantrill said:

“Losing Frida has left West Leigh under represented at Havant Borough Council. I am looking to follow Frida’s example, standing up for residents and ensuring that local needs are heard and resources shared fairly.

“I have a long history in the local area. Since my school days in Havant I have seen the Borough change through good and bad times. I am honoured to follow in Frida’s footsteps by standing as your Conservative candidate and am already working with local MP Alan Mak on ways of attracting new businesses to the area.

“My first job was for the Southern Electricity Board at Bartons Road and I am now a member of the team which checks and reads electricity and gas meters in Havant and Portsmouth. So, I know the local streets, housing, open spaces and the services needed to sustain, support and improve a vibrant community. I have previously served as a Councillor and learned how to find funding and argue, passionately and successfully, for investment of limited funds. I want the opportunity to build on that experience at Havant Borough Council for the benefit of West Leigh.

"I want to be your local voice and put residents’ concerns above Party politics. I am always keen to hear your views and concerns about local issues.”

Alan Mak MP said:

"Lance will be an excellent  local councillor for West Leigh. His professional experience, local knowledge and community spirit mean he’ll get things done for local residents. As your local MP, I’m backing Lance on 3rd March.”

If you would like to share issues or concerns, or help Lance, contact him directly: