Havant Conservatives attend Remeberance Service at Park Community School

A note from our Chairman:

I was privileged to attend the Remembrance assembly at Park Community School again this year, along with the Deputy Mayor (Councillor Diana Patrick), County Councillor Liz Fairhurst and Councillor Yvonne Weeks.

The assembly was a poignant reminder of what both the First World War and all the wars and conflicts since then meant to the people involved and their families, which was brilliantly explained by the head teacher, but what struck me (as it does every year) was the reaction of the children. Hundreds of 11-16 year olds filed in and sat down on the floor, listened to a half hour talk, took part in a 2-minute silence and filed out again, all with no noise, no fidgeting, and all of them showing real respect for the fallen.

Older people always worry about the younger generations and whether they will continue to respect the annual commemoration. Have no fear; they understand, and they will.