Local Elections 2020

Conservative candidates selected to stand in the 2020 local elections for Havant wards are as follows:

  • Barncroft - Yvonne Weeks
  • Battins - Stuart Crow  
  • Bedhampton - Iain Fairley
  • Bondfields - Richard Stone
  • Emsworth - Lulu Bowerman
  • Hayling East - Leah Turner
  • Hayling West - Brenda Linger
  • Purbrook - Caren Howard
  • Stakes - Dianne Lloyd
  • St Faiths - Imogen Payter

Further details of our candidates and their campaigns will be published shortly.

All candidates are selected in line with the rules set by Conservative Central Office. A copy of those rules can be found below. 


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Procedure for the Selection of Local Government Candidates 2019 1.25 MB