Local Elections 2018

It has been another fantastic year for Havant Conservatives in the local elections. We contested 12 seats on Havant Borough Council and won 10! 

This included gaining two seats from UKIP, one in Stakes and one in Hayling East. We were unsuccessful in Battins and we only lost Warren Park by six votes.


Hayling East:

Rosy Raines: Conservative Party 1571

John Perry: UKIP 279

Natasha Parker: Green Party 131

Suzette Grey: Liberal Democrats 165

Peter Oliver: Labour Party 483


St Faiths: 

Jackie Branson: Conservative Party 1498

Jane Briggs: Liberal Democrats 362

Richard Lanchester: Green Party 277

Simon Cattermole: Labour Party 486



Gary Robinson: Conservative Party 1428

Phillipa Grey: Liberal Democrats 646

Sheree Earnshaw: Labour Party 296



Richard Kennett: Conservative Party 2195

Christopher Maple: Liberal Democrats 294

Stephen Bilbe: Labour Party 689



Adam Christie: Conservative Party 1312

Simon Hagan: Labour Party 410

Rosemarie Blackburn: Green Party 116

Antonia Harrison: Liberal Democrat 283



Sarah Milne: Conservative Party 990 

Ann Bazley: Liberal Democrats 212

Lorraine Brown: Labour Party 489


Hayling West: 

Issy Scott: Conservative Party 1815

Michael Wilson: Conservative Party 1792

Paul Gray: Liberal Democrats 345

William Forrow: Liberal Democrats  336

John Mealy: Labour Party 390

Ian Heaphy: Labour Party 306

Patricia Farnham: UKIP 207



Pam Crellin: Conservative Party 498

Phillip Pearson: Labour Party 268

Alun Williams: Liberal Democrats 74



Alex Rennie: Conservative Party 525

Manazza Faiz: Labour Party 335

Michael Bolt: Liberal Democrats 133


Warren Park: 

Beryl Francis: Labour Party 319

Curtis Stanfield: Conservative Party 313

Margaret Brown: Liberal Democrats 119

Graham Stouse: UKIP 119



Johanne Lowe: Liberal Democrats 384

Dave Collins: Conservative Party 313

Phillip Munday: Labour Party 298